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My Own Reality Show

Then The Rains Came...

Each time I look out the windows (there are eight windows in the cabin, so I have many opportunities) I feel as though I’m seeing the world from INSIDE a television.  Imagine me inside tapping (you know…helloooooooo, is anyone out there?) on the glass looking out at the world and the world watching from the outside.  Is it possible that my life has become a reality show on the Discovery Channel?  Okay, not the kind of reality show that might star Sarah Palin and not the kind where I must eat bugs to survive.  A true reality show based on real life!  It’s beginning to feel a lot like w-i-l-d-e-r-n-e-s-s.  Wouldn’t you enjoy living as a bug on the wall watching all of this unfold?  (I personally wouldn’t recommend being a bug in my home right now, because you might get smashed.)

Some people (hi Vivian) call me a modern-day Laura Ingalls Wilder, others have tagged us a new kind of Swiss Family Robinson (hi Kathy), but I say True Alaskan (a.k.a. crazy person, have you seen the boys in white lately?) is the most appropriate label.  Actually “Spider Wrangler” might be fitting.  I know I promised to stop counting spiders, which I have, but for crying out loud what’s up with the spider convention in my house?  I’ve killed several spiders just sitting at my desk today, I had one swinging from a web that hit me in the face when I walked out the front door, and there is an endless line of them squeezing through the cracks and every orifice in this building.  Get out, I say!  Maybe I’m living in a spider’s nest and the spiders are spinning webs all around us to keep us cozy and warm.  Are we in a cocoon or something?  I texted my husband earlier, “get spray the spiders are taking over,” and he probably fell out of his chair laughing at me and my hysterics.  Okay, in the spirit of “living in curiosity” I will research spiders and find happy and positive things to report.  Stay tuned…

Have you ever heard that if you ignore a dog or a cat, and let them approach you, they will be your best friend?  Well, I attract animals like a magnet.  I ignore them, but it’s not because I’m being nice.  I’m really ignoring them.  Soooo, I’ve been so diligent ignoring the spiders, loons, grebes, shrews, etc. that they are flocking to me as though I am Noah reincarnated.  I’m positive the animal kingdom sent out a memo announcing the only thing I shoot is a camera (or maybe the breeze on a good day).  Remember, I’m no Sarah Palin and the only thing I eat with eyes are potatoes.

On the lighter side though life here is fabulous and exciting and peaceful and interesting all wrapped up in a web like a beautiful gift with a bow.  The fresh air keeps my mind crisp and sharp, the beautiful scenery reminds me every day how blessed I am being alive, my kids keep me on my toes, my clients keep me sane, and the rain drops hitting the tin roof practically send me into a trance.  There are no dull moments, because even the “dull” moments are glorious.  I remind my kids often that attitude is everything in life and I’m living proof that you can choose your perspective of all experiences.  I live by the saying, “thoughts become things so choose the good ones.”  Amen Sister!


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