Whole Lotta Nature Going On

07 Jun

Moose Near Big Lake

Well, we are certainly not in charge of much here in the woods.  Mother Nature reigns supreme.  We left for a couple of days and when we returned Mama Bird and two of her eggs were gone without a trace.  I’m thinking a hawk or eagle may have swooped down and grabbed the eggs and scared away Mama (or even worse).  There wasn’t even a piece of shell or anything left in the nest as evidence of the tragedy.  Very strange and sad, because I looked forward to seeing three small beaks peeking out of the nest waiting for a meal.  Bummer!

I am happy to report that I have not seen spiders in the cabin since my husband sprayed around the outside of the building.  I have definitely learned to relax around here and having the spiders gone really reduces my stress level.  I know that sounds silly, but I was a little jumpy with spiders appearing around every corner.  Bedtime proved the most stressful, since I imagined bugs in my bed crawling on me as I slept.  Totally creepy!

My life feels very settled and calm overall (of course I have Mommy moments now and then, but those occur on or off the lake…) and my experience living here has surpassed my expectations.

Midnight Sunset at Starboard Cove
Nosy Neighbors
I’ve always worn makeup from a young age and now I find myself feeling so liberated going without it.  Actually I go “el natural” more than I wear makeup now and it’s okay.  My kids always tell me that I don’t look like Mom when I have makeup on and that surprises me.  In the past I felt more myself in makeup than not, but now my anxiety of being seen sans embellishment has vanished.  I do enjoy (and highly recommend) regular showers though just to feel alive and awake and socially acceptable.
Nature abounds everywhere and I’ve never felt more at home.  This is a significant revelation for me, since I wasn’t sure how quickly I would connect with the wild.  I’ve always loved trees, flowers, animals, and natural wonders, but my relationship now is very intimate.  Yes, it’s dirty (relatively speaking if you consider the mud stains, dirt and dust, and no water for conventional clean up) outside, but it’s also wild and natural and absolutely beautiful and so alive (everything is alive…I think the air we breathe might even be alive).
I love sharing photos (often more descriptive than words) of activities and nature all around the lake, so I hope you enjoy getting to know me and my community.  Starboard Cove is the private marina where we store our vehicles and dock our boat when we leave home.  This “staging” area is the gateway to the lake for us and access to our cabin (a few miles away).  Oh, and the chickens…just neighbors.

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