The Diva Has Left The Building

29 May
Okay, I am here to confess that perhaps I have had a little inner diva or so I’ve been told (hi Mike).  If there was truly an ounce of diva coursing through these veins I’m happy to say that it has vanished from my body (unless wearing makeup occasionally still qualifies me).  I can happily report that we’ve been here one week and I have relinquished a lot of fears and learned to relax a little (please remember I’m a work in progress).  I no longer fear that a bear will eat my young at any moment, I don’t completely (just partially) freak out when I see bugs, I am okay with not having a hot shower every single day (hey, I’m not the one who has to look at me…ha ha), I no longer worry about instant hypothermia if I fall in the lake (the water is getting warmer every single day), I no longer worry about reliable transportation (we have a boat that starts when you turn the key) and I have accepted the fact that life is much simpler living here (translation:  slow down and don’t get in a hurry).

The Family Wagster

Even so, I would like to know who sent the personal invitation to every spider in a five-mile radius to join our little party.  I have never seen so many spiders and webs.  Yikes!  I wipe webs away and by the end of the day they are back (determined little critters).  Yesterday I encountered two spiders in the cabin and that’s two more than I have ever seen inside (let’s just say there will be no more niceties exchanged).  What’s up with that?  I’m starting to think these free loaders cannot read the No Vacancy sign posted on the door.  Get out I say.  Last night I rested my head on the pillow and fretted that the spiders might have the same bedtime, but pure exhaustion overtook me so quickly I let it go and drifted off to sweeter dreams.

Mama Bird with a Watchful Eye

We are ready to hang the sun shower on the rack, but I’m hesitant to disrupt Mama Bird and her egg.  She sits up there all day waiting for Baby Bird to make his entrance into the world and I am very respectful of this miracle.  We are careful to help her feel secure, so she doesn’t abandon her post.


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