Life is Glorious

29 May

Our Name Placard

I’m not sure what I have done to deserve such a wonderful week, but I’m grateful and I’m enjoying every moment.  So much happens in just one day and I’m excited to share some of it with you.

I spent about four hours today planting flowers and strawberries, hanging hand painted birdhouses, and strategically hiding our gnomes and other garden friends around the dock area.  If my dirty feet and aching back are any indication of a job well done then I’m satisfied.

Our Favorite Shoes

Mama Bird is still hanging out in the back even though my seven-year old son (Aaron) banged away with hammer and nails all day long.  The noise didn’t even phase her and he was a very happy camper building his first boat.  My five-year old daughter (Allyson) loves to take photos and she really helps me document our journey each day.  We watched a plane take off and land probably ten times and she was able to capture the moment.

Great Source of Entertainment

The sunsets are truly amazing and I take a moment to pause each night to watch the spectacle.  It reminds me of when we visited Maui about nine years ago.  It’s a local tradition for everyone to stop whatever they are doing and watch the lights go out.  Their sunsets are very quick in comparison and when the light goes out there it’s actually dark.  Not here.  We are currently getting eighteen hours and thirty-two minutes of daylight and still gaining around three and a half minutes per day.  My husband and I sat out by the dock last night/this morning watching four grebes interact (or mate, or fight, or whatever they were doing.)  I love to sit and watch the lake late at night and early in the morning, because it’s so flat and peaceful.  I still pinch myself each day and wonder if I’m going to wake up from this dream.  I’m exactly where I want to be at this moment in my life.  I know that some of you reading this blog might think my desire to have this experience is strange (or at least unconventional), but that’s the point of it all.  Me having the courage to be Me as you watch the entire process unfold.  Too much fun!

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