We’re Here!

24 May

The First Night

We finally made it out of the house Saturday, May 21, 2011.  Unbelievable!  It took almost two months to sort, pack, and move out of the huge house with all of that stuff.  All I know is that I’m so relieved to have completed that chapter and began a new one.

The past couple of days we have been shuffling between the cabin and the RV parked at the boat launch, driving to Anchorage and everywhere in between, and organizing the cabin and the outbuildings.  It will probably take us a few more days to really get everything moved in and set up the way we want, but it’s so much fun putting it all together.

We’ve seen a lot of nature in just a short time:  grebes, loons, ducks, woodpeckers, red breasted robins, cardinals, eagles, a muskrat, and fish jumping looking for their first meals above the ice.  Oh, did I mention the other “wildlife?”  That is, spiders (had a huge one crawl up my leg the first trip to the outhouse – yikes), mosquitoes (the size of small birds), butterflies, and all kinds of unidentified bugs, bugs, and more bugs.  We even found a bird’s nest with an egg in it perched above our sun shower area.  I have not witnessed nature this up close and personal in a very long time.  It’s such a calm and peaceful experience already and we’ve just begun.

New Resident

The kids spend their entire days digging in the dirt, riding in the paddle boat, trying to ride their bikes (yes, if you can imagine bikes on a gravel hill), playing in the man cave (or whatever you call it…still haven’t decided on the appropriate name yet…perhaps family room), hauling water in buckets to create mud slides, fishing (the only thing they catch is themselves), and absolutely anything else that grabs their attention.  All I know is the kids are always outdoors unless their growling tummies bring them inside for a quick meal.  I’m just so happy they are not watching tv (we don’t have tv service anyway) or playing video games (we will save those activities for rainy days which we get a lot of in Alaska).

We now have internet access which means I can talk to you all.  I’ve really missed posting entries to this blog over the past couple of weeks as we finished the move, since writing and sharing our experience brings me great pleasure.  Life is great!  I got a lot of sleep last night, a shower this morning, and now I’m spending an amazing day doing exactly what I want with the people I love the most.


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