Man Cave

15 Apr

Taxes are done (thank you Rachel) and now I can focus on our new adventure…

View of cabin from the lake

View of lake from the cabin


The time has come to wait for the ice to go out.  We’re expecting fifty degree weather, so the ice will begin its rapid decline.  My husband made his last trip by truck today on the ice road (well, what’s left of it anyway).  He made a final load of lots of goodies and carpet for the classroom.  Oh by the way, the boys in my family (husband and two sons) have renamed the classroom their “man cave.”  They have all these grandiose ideas of how to use the space:  tv, video games, card games with the guys, no girls allowed kind of place, etc. Well, we will see about that.  I guess the up side to their plan is the cabin will be the girls’ domain and it’s much bigger.  Yep, that’s right.  I can see the sign now on the outside of the classroom, No Girls Allowed or Enter at Your Own Risk.  Oh brother.

We discussed how to make the cabin more of a home and the boys came up with some pretty crazy ideas in my book.  Here are a few of their recommendations:  let’s store some things outside covered with tarp, or let’s use a clothesline to dry our clothes (after washing them at the laundromat a five-mile boat ride plus a two-mile truck ride away), and the best one is let’s filter water from the lake to use for outdoor showers (I do take outdoor showers, with good water, in my swimsuit).  Okay people, we have lost our marbles.  Number one, if you think I’m going to allow tarp anywhere you are nuts.  Number two, I will happily go to the laundromat to wash AND dry my clothes (thank you very much), and I draw the line with “roughing it” with filtered lake water.  Yuck!!!  I don’t do tarp (okay, I think I’ve made that point), I grew up hanging clothes on the line and the towels practically scratched my face because they were so rough and stiff, and I’m not taking any chances with beaver fever (ingesting contaminated water).  I think my husband is losing it (probably due to lack of sleep).  Ha ha.

Well anyway, he accomplished a huge task of getting the classroom (a.k.a. man cave), ready for us to occupy.  The roof is on, the wiring is almost done, the door and window installed, and the carpet is ready to go down (thank you Ron).  I have sent to the cabin every possible book, school supply, kitchen utensil and appliance, dvd, board game, arts and crafts project, etc. to make our time very enjoyable (especially if we have a rainy summer like last year).  We have two more weeks in the house and a lot more stuff to sell and pack and store.  Are you ready for this?  We will stay in our RV during the transition between the house and cabin as we patiently wait for the lake to open for boating.  I know what you are wondering.  Have you completely lost your mind?  Well, no.  Everything is all relative, my friend.  The motor home is approximately thirty-three feet long, luxuriously (okay, I might be exaggerating a smidge here) appointed with a master bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen, and two tvs.  It has indoor plumbing for Pete’s sake!  That’s right.  We will be living like kings for a couple of weeks.  (Hey, I can see the good in everything.)

Classroom on the right

Looks as though one of my first projects will be painting our classroom and removing the old play set, but for now everything is still frozen to the ground.


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