Losing the Baggage

11 Apr

I believe everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents or coincidences.  I also believe that everything changes and change is always for the better and never for the worse.  I believe life IS change and without change life would cease to exist.  That’s because I believe that we adapt and evolve throughout our lives and that is exactly what change is.  The trick is embracing change by understanding its purpose. (Thank you Neale for helping me “remember” this.)

My world is changing rapidly and significantly right before my eyes, but I have created this new world by my own design.  I have wanted to experience life in a much different way for a very long time.  I’ve yearned for a simpler life filled with peace, harmony, love, and well-being.  Life changes for all of us, more for some and less for others.  This move will be the fifty-sixth for me (at least that I can remember), but it feels like the first in many ways.  I’m experiencing a huge shift in my awareness of my priorities and as each day passes and we approach the end of April I feel so calm about the entire process. 

We’ve been selling and donating personal belongings and furniture in our house and it feels so liberating, so freeing, and uplifting.  In the past when we moved I held stuff so closely not wanting to part with anything.  This time is very different in that I want to release absolutely everything that is not essential to my family’s survival and enjoyment.  Four hundred square feet of living space helps you prioritize very quickly.  Of course, we will keep some things in storage that we are not ready to let go yet.  A few personal mementos of my mom and my husband’s mom will continue to have a place in our lives for now.  Photos and some of the kids’ special things will also make the cut. 

This move (or change as it is) feels so different from the previous ones and the sense of calm that has washed over me is almost foreign.  I have moved past the grieving point of missing my old life and I’m now at the threshold of proudly welcoming my new life.  As each item leaves our house I feel a weight being lifted and I know by the time we are ready to roll down the driveway for the last time I will feel as light as a feather.  Talk about losing the baggage!


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