My Alaska Man

08 Apr

The same things that make me crazy are the same things that I love the most about my husband.  I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it makes sense to me.  We’ve been married twenty years this November and we’ve experienced great joy and challenges over the years.  He told me the other day that a lot of life happens with me and there is never a dull moment.  I’m going to take that as a compliment. 

We are very different in a lot of ways, but when the rubber meets the road we are on the same page.  We both agreed it was time to make major changes in our life, we both agreed that our children will benefit immensely by having more Mommy time, and we agreed that living without indoor plumbing might be one of our biggest adventures yet.  Ha Ha.  It’s really not that big of a deal to me, since I grew up in several places that had no indoor plumbing or at least it was marginal at best.  I just say, “we’ll improvise.”

My husband is the quintessential Alaska man.  That is, he wears blue jeans and t-shirts and the occasional insulated flannel and has a huge collection of caps (great for those days when you don’t have a shower handy).  I stopped buying him “nice” clothes years ago, because they just hang in the closet with the tags still attached.  He has worn a tie twice since we met:  at our wedding and one other time when he borrowed one from a friend (the friend also had to tie it, because I am clueless).  He is a crazy snowmachine rider (broke his back last spring and was riding this winter), a hard worker (well okay, I have to say that in case his boss reads this…Hi Carl) with the same employer for over sixteen years, and just an all around nice guy (the life of the party if we ever have a party).  Oh yeah, he also drinks beer.  He has graduated from Budweiser to Rolling Rock, so there is still hope.  We have different parenting styles, different communication styles (he will freak out when he sees this is for public consumption), and very different eating habits (I’m vegetarian and he is a meat and potatoes guy).  He makes me crazy when he doesn’t remember the fifty things I asked him to do, when he feeds the kids Captain Crunch for breakfast, and the way he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow (I call it the baby doll effect:  lean back, eyes close, game over).  His snoring keeps me awake, he is a neat freak (I’m just a freak), and he puts the knives in the dishwasher with the blades pointing up.  That really drives me crazy.  But, for all the little idiosyncrasies we remain together and in love (right honey?). 

I know he would run into a burning building for us and do absolutely anything to protect us.  What I have really learned though is that he listens.  He doesn’t seem to be listening, because he’s so fidgety and if you sit down with him and talk he practically falls asleep.  Case in point…I mentioned to him how important it is for the classroom to be ready when we get to the cabin.  That way we can stay on our school schedule and get organized more quickly.  The thought of him building the room while all of the stuff is in the middle of the cabin was causing me a lot of anxiety.  Yikes, we only have four hundred square feet.  Come on people!  I am human after all.  So, for the past three days (his days off by the way) he has driven over fifty miles each way and battled the snow, wind, and rain to get our room ready.  He was determined to get the roof on today although it was snowing sideways and he was freezing and all alone.  He did it though.  What’s so funny about all of this is that I knew he would.  He has been grumbling about me expecting the impossible, but I knew he was capable.  And he is. 

Photo:  Is that the cutest classroom you’ve ever seen?  My husband finished the roof today on the new addition on the right.  If I’m really nice maybe he will build a storage shed and we’ll get both sides.


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