Winter is Not Saying Goodbye

07 Apr

We had a snowstorm yesterday and today we awoke to the howling wind.  My husband and a friend (thanks Stewart) were able to get the classroom almost done…everything except the roof.  The room is basically the other half of a building that we built a couple years ago.  Later this summer we plan on constructing an outbuilding for storage and opening the classroom to the other side to double the space.  The weather is prohibiting the roof going on today, so we’ll have to wait and see if that gets done while we still have road access. 

Photo left:  We got about four inches of snow last night, but you can see the progress of the classroom.

Photo above:  Entering the lake today with whiteout conditions.  Mother Nature is just throwing everything she has our way. 

Photo:  This is the highway headed to Anchorage this morning.  Whiteout conditions here too.  When you live in Alaska you cannot let the weather change your plans too much, because you’d never leave your house.  The weather is just a part of the Alaska experience which makes you tough.


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